Sound Healing

For those interested in a private session, individual treatments are available by appointment.

The cost will be $80 (1 hour). Email me (see Contact page) for details.


Come and sample it for yourself.

Have you ever noticed how different it feels when you listen to your favourite music with your eyes closed compared to when your eyes are open? When we turn off and zone in the music becomes nurturing and healing. It’s a great way to switch off for a while and have some time to yourself.

I am a sound healer who uses sound as the medium for healing and am offering that you come and meet me and experience for yourself what it feels like to have healing sound vibrating in your body.

Meeting Gabriela and trying a drum

I have set up a dedicated healing space in my home in Strathdickie where I keep all the tools used for Sound Healing including gongs, bells, Tibetan singing bowls and crystal bowls.

You will be guided to a deep experience of the sound that will lead you away from the day to day “noise” of life and bring you to rest in the space of the heart.

Tibetan singing bowls ready for a therapy session

Come and enjoy this new experience before you follow up with the workshop (held from time to time). This is when you learn to use the tools for sound healing in your daily life to bring about improved health and peace of mind. It only takes a quarter of an hour of sound vibration each day to relax your mind and set you up with a positive vibration. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bowl to create the sound you need. The workshop will help you to explore what you can do at home.

The cost for the workshop is $120 and starts with meditation followed by gentle movements to create a deeper connection with yourself before you start working with the sounds. The tools will be your own voice plus a selection from the singing bowls and gongs. Refreshments are included and bring a plate to share for lunch.


Various drums, cymbals and gongs are also used.


Crystal bowls make a wonderful rich sound that penetrates right around the hall


You can come and chat about the healing and hear the bowls at the Mind, Body, Spirit festivals in Mackay and Proserpine.

Discussing crystals at the festival


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